7 Dirty Secrets All Inclusive Resorts Refuse To Talk About

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foreign [Music] yourself sipping fruity cocktails by the pool feasting on Gourmet Cuisine and indulging in every whim without a care in the world sounds like paradise right well hold on to your sun hats because we're about to reveal the seven dirty little secrets that all-inclusive resorts don't want you to know welcome back to wonderfully lost your home for all things travel buckle up folks because things are about to get scandalous number seven the secret about free Wi-Fi it's no surprise that most of us can't go long without having Wi-Fi and what's a vacation without Wi-Fi these days that's why these all-inclusive resorts are just too good to be true promising free Wi-Fi for all their guests but wait there's a catch you might have to do some serious Wi-Fi hunting because the signal may only be available in random spots like the lobby or the bar some restaurants like to keep their guests on their toes which is great for their marketing and sales so be sure to ask them where exactly you can access that oh so precious Wi-Fi signal or else you might find yourself without a connection when you need it the most but why is Wi-Fi so important you may ask well for one thing data charges in vacation hotspots can be pretty steep you wouldn't want to spend a fortune on mobile bills when you're trying to relax right and let's not forget the sneaky cost that Resorts conveniently forget to mention you might have to factor in Wi-Fi costs into your vacation budget but there is another secret cost that Resorts don't mention one you might have to account for before you pack your bags and go have the Time of Your Life by the beach number six The Secret of Clean Water we get it you're used to the convenience of drinking water straight from the tap but let's face it that luxury is only available in First World countries so when you're traveling to a new place be warned that the resorts might not tell you everything you need to know about the water situation here's the deal drinking tap water could be a recipe for disaster unless you're a fan of spending your vacation in the bathroom it's important to make sure the water you're consuming is safe getting sick and throwing up is not the kind of souvenir you want to bring back home resorts will generously provide you with a bottle of water making you feel or fancy and hydrated but hold up don't think for a second that just because it's bottled water you're completely in the clear nope that ice in your drink might be hiding some nasty surprises it doesn't matter if you're staying at the swankiest resort or a budget-friendly one your health is in your hands so before you gulp down that icy drink make sure you do your due diligence and double check that it's safe to drink unless you want to get sick and pay thousands of medical bills it's a good idea to set some money aside to buy bottled water while you're traveling the resort can only provide so much of it right but there might be a way to get a little more of everything than the rest of the guests and it's simpler than you might think number five the secret to tipping tipping is a nice thing to do right but not only is it a nice thing to do it can also get you a lot more than just a few smiles from the workers at the resort so let us give a tip on how to tip when you're traveling to a country where the currency is weaker than the almighty dollar a single dollar bill can go a long way so make sure to stuff your wallet with single dollar bills and start dishing them out like candy the workers will remember your generosity and they'll know who to give more attention to and let's be real who doesn't want more attention with a few well-placed tips the resort workers will bend over backwards to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible they might even let you in on some Resort secrets that other guests don't know about your vacation will be so much better if you have the staff on your side and while we're telling you about tips on getting better Services there's another way to do that and it won't cost you any money not even a single dollar number four the secret to getting better Services now we all want our vacation to be perfect and get the most out of the money we paid for the resort and our stay but a lot of people end up not satisfied with their stays now this doesn't mean the resort was bad it just means they didn't know what to do to make it worth their while so don't worry we'll tell you exactly what to do and it's way simpler than you might think we know some of you might be shy or awkward but the best way to find out more about getting better services at a resort is to just ask the people working there obviously you're a customer to them so a worker won't give away all the secrets that easily so what do you do just be nice yep that's all you've got to do want to know which drinks are the best ask the bartender want to know which rooms are the most luxurious ask the room service want to know where the secret chill spots are ask the receptionist just be polite and friendly and watch as they spill all the juicy details and here's the best part if you're really nice to them they might even hook you up with some freebies or extra services or hey you might even make a new friend in a different country there's no downside to this so don't be scared and strike up a conversation and while we're on the topic of getting extra services for free how does a room upgrade sound number three the secret to getting an upgrade this ties into what we just told you and the secret to going from a simple room to a suite might be easier than you think all you've got to do is ask it's very common that someone might have canceled their stay and a better room might be free so always make sure to go up to the receptionist and ask if they can upgrade your package it's like a magical spell because if a room is free it's all yours for the taking really any guests have this secret tip in mind so rooms of canceled guests stay empty and no one gets to use them so don't be that person and ask for an upgrade there's always a chance they might say no but hey that's not the end of the world the chances of them saying yes are just as good as them saying no so why not take the risk plus imagine walking up to a stunning view of the beach from your upgraded room don't be a Wallflower go ask for that upgrade and live your best resort life number two the secret activities listen up all you lazy Beach Bums if you're gonna spend all your time on the beach just staring at other people you might as well stay at home and watch a nature documentary but if you're smart enough to realize that there's more to a vacation than that we've got a secret for you your Resort probably offers a ton of activities you don't even know about that's right you can do more than just work on your tan you can take free yoga classes make some Pottery by the beach and who knows what else and don't worry your kids won't be left out either they might even have their own club to hang out in so there's no excuse for being bored on your all-inclusive vacation and as we know dealing with kids can be exhausting even when you're supposed to be relaxing that's why we've got the ultimate tip there's a secret way to unwind that most people don't even know about number one the secret to Spa services now there's two Secrets here you know the ones that promise to melt away all your stress and make you feel like a million bucks well here's the deal those spa services come with a catch hidden charges that can add up 5 faster than you can say hot stone massage so before you go signing up for a session make sure to grill the resort staff on all the extra costs but that's not the only secret here there's good news too some resorts have bonus programs that let you earn credits or points to use towards spa services pretty sweet deal right but don't expect the resort to just hand over this info you've got to ask them about it first be sure to do your research and who knows you might just score yourself a free week of Spa Bliss thanks for wandering with us if you enjoyed Seven Dirty Secrets all-inclusive resorts refuse to talk about check out our video on the 10 best all-inclusive Caribbean Resorts linked here [Music] foreign

From battling a nasty outbreak to keeping quiet about their poor quality discounts, these are the 7 dirty secrets all inclusive resorts may refuse to talk about. Let’s take a look! 
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7) Germ Infestation

Hunting For Germ Infestations At All Inclusive Resorts

When planning a vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is getting sick. 

Unfortunately, recent reports have shown that all-inclusive resorts can be breeding grounds for germs, causing outbreaks of serious illnesses such as hand, foot and mouth disease and even deadly legionnaires’ disease. 

Prevention is better than cure, after all, so keep your family safe!

One of the main culprits of illness at all-inclusive resorts is the food. 

Buffets, in particular, can be problematic, as lukewarm dishes left out for hours can be a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Drinks with ice cubes can also be a source of contamination. 

Traveler’s diarrhea, which affects one in four vacationers, is a common problem at resorts.

If you’re having trouble digesting this news, the hundreds of guests struck down in Cape Verde didn’t. 

A potentially deadly bacterial infection known as Shigella is wreaking havoc on vacationers in an idyllic volcanic archipelago in the central Atlantic Ocean. 

The destination is a popular spot for winter sun seekers, but unfortunately, the paradise has been tainted by the highly contagious disease.

Even the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control had to step in to try and calm the situation. 

They released a recent report that indicates an alarming rise in Shigella cases in the area since September 2022. 

Are you still eager to try out the food at a resort?

6) No to Buffets

Buffet Secrets with All Inclusive Resorts

If you’re not queasy yet, then maybe this crazy resort secret will help take your vacation dining experience to the next level. 

At all-inclusive resorts, dining options are abundant, from buffet offerings to fancy a la carte restaurants. 

But, what if we told you there was a way to avoid the hustle and bustle of the buffet line altogether?

Here’s the insider tip: some resorts may limit the number of restaurant reservations you can make, but there is always a way to get a table at the best restaurants in the house. 

All you have to do is seek out your concierge and introduce yourself. 

A generous tip won’t hurt, but what’s more important is developing a rapport with your concierge, so they remember your name and preferences.

When you’re ready to make a reservation, simply visit or call the concierge desk and let them know what you’re looking for. 

Don’t forget to mention any dietary requirements or special preferences, such as requesting a table by the window. 

And, if your first choice restaurant is fully booked, don’t despair! Your concierge may have suggestions for other restaurants with availability.

You can dine in style now, but watch out for what your bedroom has in store for you!

5) Dust Your Bed

Most all inclusive resorts only change the sheets and pillow case

Are you ready for a surprising truth about all-inclusive resorts? 

If you’re used to hotels with pristine maid service, you might be in for a rude awakening. 

Unlike hotels, where the staff leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that your room is spotless, most all-inclusive resorts only change the sheets and pillowcases. 

Don’t expect them to wash the duvet or mattress cover.

Now, don’t worry! The staff isn’t being negligent on purpose. It’s just exhausting work with so many people constantly going in and out. 

With hundreds of guests coming and going each day, it’s challenging to keep the beds immaculate all the time.

So, if you’re someone who values spotless bedding, you might want to consider bringing extra cash for additional cleaning services. 

Keep in mind that employees are known to chat with one another, and your concierge might brag about your request for a freshly steamed duvet or additional cleaning services.

In the end, it’s all about finding the right balance between comfort and cleanliness while enjoying your all-inclusive resort vacation.

But we’re not done surprising you with uncomfortable resort secrets.

4) Surprise Renovations

Always Watch Out For Renovation Plans At All Inclusive Resorts

Here’s a travel tip that can save you from an unpleasant surprise during your all-inclusive resort vacation: always watch out for renovation plans. 

These plans are not always mentioned in the resorts’ marketing materials, so it’s essential to confirm with your travel agent or the resort directly.

Renovations can mean dealing with noise, dust, and other construction-related inconveniences during your stay. 

A good travel agent will usually receive a notification about any ongoing or upcoming renovation plans when booking a resort. 

If you’re not using an agent, it’s best to contact the resort directly and ask about any ongoing or upcoming construction.

Don’t let construction spoil your well-deserved vacation. 

Be proactive and ask about renovation plans before booking your stay. 

This way, you can make an informed decision and avoid any unpleasant surprises that may negatively impact your vacation experience.

Except, did you know even a resort can catfish you into vacationing with them?

3) Extreme Photo Editing

Ask a travel agent for relative "NON EDITED" photos for all inclusive resorts

It’s no surprise that the quality of photos being taken has improved drastically. 

And to top it off, photo editing has become everyone’s best friend. 

Even resorts don’t shy away from glorifying their accommodation. 

We’ve all seen images of crystal-clear beaches, spotless rooms, and amazing amenities online. 

Going through their gallery convinces us that we’ll be getting a five-star experience at a one-star price. Except, this is just a ruse, friends. 

Travel agents can offer you an accurate and personal experience with these properties. 

The best part is their information is reliable and they do their homework! And it’s always a good idea to do your research before booking a resort, too. 

Why should you not get the best experience, especially if it’s an all-inclusive one?

One way to get a realistic idea of what to expect is by checking sites like BOOKING.COM.

Thankfully, folks upload unretouched photos of all-inclusive resorts. This will give you a better understanding of what the resort looks like and allow you to anticipate what’s in store for you. 

Often, we can do what we can to avoid disappointment but sometimes walk right into it.

2) Useless Discounts

Don't be tempted by all discounts it may result in a poor trip for your all inclusive resort vacation

We’re talking about discounts. 

We all jump at the prospect of availing of a great offer but it comes at a price, your happiness. 

It’s tempting to book a trip during the off-season or take advantage of a discount promotion. 

However, it’ll do us well to remember that a discounted price doesn’t always mean a good deal! 

And, watch out for an offer during hurricane season or other times of the year when the weather is less predictable.

While it’s true that you may be able to save money by traveling during the off-season, you should also consider the risks involved. 

For example, if you’re to a hurricane-prone area, you may be putting yourself in danger if a storm hits while you’re there. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that your travel insurance may not always have your back.  

Sure, it can help protect you against trip cancellations or interruptions caused by natural disasters, but it may not offer any protection if your trip is simply rained out. 

In other words, if you book a trip during the off-season and the weather is bad the whole time you’re there, you may not be able to get a refund or any other compensation.

In the end, the decision of whether or not to take advantage of a discount offer or travel during the off-season is up to you. 


Just be sure to weigh the potential risks and downsides against the potential savings before you make your decision. 

Speaking of optimizing a vacation, have you heard of hospitality suites?

1. Secret Hospitality Suites

Secret Hospitality Suite At All Inclusive Resorts

Are you one of those who prefer to save money by booking flights with inconvenient arrival and departure times?

Well, you may find yourself in need of a place to stay after you have checked out of your all-inclusive resort. 

Fortunately, many resorts offer a hospitality suite that guests can request to use until it’s time to leave for the airport.

Hospitality suites are not always advertised by resorts, but they are typically available for guests who need them. 

These suites are designed to provide travelers with a comfortable space to relax, shower, and freshen up before a flight. 

To request a hospitality suite, all you need to do is speak to the front desk staff or concierge when you check in. 

If the resort has availability, they will be happy to accommodate your request. 

Having access to a hospitality suite on your last day at the resort can be a lifesaver. 

It allows you to enjoy your last day in the sun without worrying about storing your luggage or finding a place to freshen up before your flight home.

And, that’s all there is to these expensive resorts. 


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