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welcome back to wonderfully lost a travel Community for par...

welcome back to wonderfully lost a
travel Community for parents five
parents where would you dine if you had
one night in Chicago after all the city
features restaurants that have pushed
culinary boundaries for locals who want
to try something new and for tourists
who want the finest experience for their
taste buds you're at the right place
Chicago has many good places to
associate your hunger so where should
you start if you can't decide don't
worry we've got the top 10 pixel
restaurants that everyone will enjoy
going to a linear to no one's surprise
Chicago's most famous restaurant is also
the highest rated and there's a good
reason for it it's at 295 15 course
explosion of flavors dancing with Thai
Mexican and French Inspirations and it's
worth every penny after all dining at a
linear is no ordinary meal it's an
experience to remember they've got fog
machines adding some Mystique to your
dining adventure and the Molecular
Gastronomy game is on point egg yolks
that turn into bread pure magic the
servers aren't Your Average Joe's either
their witty humor will have you laughing
your way through your meal did you know
alinea is the city's only restaurant
rocking three Michelin stars yep Chef
granta cats and Nick caconas have struck
gold with this fine dining institution
it's not just a local favorite it's one
of the world's best step into the
luxurious Lincoln Park dining room and
get ready for a sensory explosion your
senses are going to be filled with
Citrus smoke and other delightful Aromas
and the presentation don't even get us
started the flavors are just one element
to consider the textures and
presentation are truly what make the
food stand out dinner for two with wine
pairings can set you back close to a
grand but some dishes are just worth the
Splurge right so if you're a foodie on
the lookout for a memorable experience
take advantage of a linear it's a must
try for any chicagoan worth their salt
supercana International craving a Killer
Burger or a mouth-watering pizza loaded
with the freshest seasonal veggies look
no further than supercana International
which ain't your regular tatus Indian
American restaurant superkana
International takes things up a notch
and you'll see what we mean once you dig
into their pork vindaloo oh and let's
talk brunch their appam those Indian
griddle cakes are a game changer they
amp it up with fresh produce like spring
peas creating a classic veggie option
that'll even tempt the carnivores among
us when you add bacon now that's some
serious veggie bacon Supremacy their
Haka noodles are also on point giving
you the yummiest Indian Chinese classic
they've got some surprises on the menu
too like butter chicken calzones yum
this Chicago restaurant is all about
celebrating the beauty of Indian Cuisine
there's more to it than just the heat so
if you're up for an adventure and a
unique Twist on Indian food you know
where to go Hermosa restaurant this
little gem may look like a typical
Chicago hot dog stand but it's a whole
different ball game Chef anona Ethan Lim
is a culinary expert and he's taken
those classic Chicago favorites and
Infused them with delicious Asian
flavors but if you're in the mood for a
more sit-down experience rather than a
quick sandwich bite Hermos has got you
back too Chef Lim offers the highly
sought after family meal it's like
having a private dinner party where you
get to buy out the entire room and
indulge in a proper Feast this one-man
show will load up your table with an
array of tantalizing Pan Asian plates
from mouth-watering noodles to
delectable Cambodian beef dishes this is
the perfect place to go if you want a
meal to be shared and enjoyed together
Esme if we tell you to splurge 200 on a
12 to 15 course tasting menu you better
believe it's going to be a meal that you
won't forget Esme offers a menu that's
more like a science experiment so it's
the perfect place to go if you're in the
mood for a brand new experience with
dishes like charred rib with banana
caramel all wrapped around a ceramic
bone that's just genius this food is
definitely interesting and here's a
mind-blowing combo for you Savory sweet
potato ice cream topped with caviar yep
you heard that right and it's out of
this world good ah and the canape is
divine this Swanky fine dining spot
nestled in the heart of Linkin Park has
some beautiful lighting and Ambience so
you can rest easy about getting good
pictures for the gram alegria's Seafood
Chicago what makes this West Town spot
so special it could be the sidewalk
patio and garage star Windows giving off
some crazy Good Vibes or maybe that
goofy shark painting but amazing
Ambience aside the real magic lies in
their incredible Seafood we're talking
prawns drenched in a luscious buttery
naret sauce practically begging you to
eat them so if you're a seafood lover
you've got to experience this foodie
Paradise grab a couple of your friends
and go for the ultimate Seafood feast
and in entire stuffed lobster
hey are you a Wanderer yet if not head
over to our travel blog at wonderfully
Takira shingon you're in for a treat at
this Logan Square Takira brace yourself
for some seriously impressive tacos that
are an instant fan favorite wrapped in
chewy handmade corn tortillas the
fillings are something else from the
rich and savory morsilla made with bread
onions and apples topped with a
delectable brown butter salsa matcha to
the hearty campanchano each one is so
flavorful and tender you won't find
tables inside but don't you worry
they've got you covered with a bustling
sidewalk patio that feels like you've
stepped into a backyard party the
atmosphere is pure fun and Fiesta
Johnny's Beef this is going to be the
best Italian beef sandwich you'll ever
sink your teeth into and guess what it's
not even in the city it's out in the
suburbs at not one but two locations of
Johnny's Beef Italian beef sandwiches
charcoal grilled Italian sausages and
hot dogs they've got it all the thin cut
beef is season two Perfection with just
the right amount of oregano and those
hot peppers they'll bring the heat
without overpowering that juicy tender
meat pepper and egg sandwiches are there
to save the day on lent Fridays offering
a delicious meat-free option sure the
city has its fair share of beef options
but Johnny's is worth the drive to The
Burbs kasama the husband and wife team
of Tim floors and Genie Quan are skilled
at what they do so you'll be in good
hands Jenny Quan is the pastry
Mastermind whipping up some a
clear-shaped croissants topped with
Serrano ham or salmon if that's what you
prefer but Tim floors is no slouch
either he's the Filipino Cuisine whiz
serving up mouth-watering breakfast and
brunch dishes think spins on lumpier and
rice plates loaded with roasted cha sui
like Pork and Sausage kasama also has a
fine dining dinner menu which you won't
find easily when it comes to Filipino
cuisine in the country go in the day and
you'll see a Cozy Cafe giving you a
breakfast sandwich worth every penny and
by night you could get a 235 dollar 13
course dinner that'll impress anyone
with dishes like umami-packed mushroom
adobo you'll be glad we let you know of
this gem
Monte Verde if you want to visit pasta
Paradise go try monteverdos there's
nothing like it the Ragu ala napolitana
Takes the Cake though perfectly cooked
pork shank sausage meatballs and
facility come together to create one of
the most delicious plates of food you'll
ever have in your life and we're not
exaggerating folks whether it's a
romantic date a fun group outing or even
flying solo this place has got you
covered gallat this michelin-starred
middle eastern restaurant will give you
a one-of-a-kind experience with its four
course Choose Your Own Adventure tasting
menu It's like a journey through the
flavors of the Levant choosing a
favorite dish will be the toughest part
of your meal will it be the Smoky
cinnamon braised brisket hummus that
steals your heart or perhaps the zesty
Tangier sausage oh and don't forget
about the mushroom stuffed cabbage with
saffron mijidara the ambience is also
just right they're relaxed and Airy
dining Space sets the scene for any
occasion it's just as great for a laid
back date with yourself as it is for a
special anniversary celebration no
matter the reason a visit to galette is
always the right choice thanks for
watching don't forget to like And

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Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost, your home for all things family vacation and adventure travel!

In today’s blog, we’re listing down our picks for the top 10 best restaurants in Chicago!

Although famous for its deep-dish pizza, the Windy City has something for every type of foodie — from fine to casual dining.

So, pull out your knives and forks, and get ready to dribble some sauce onto your plates and palettes!

Before you get lost in our blog, be sure to browse our Wanderful Storefront for all our favorite travel products, gear and must haves!

#1- Dear Madison

For most of us, oysters can be a hit-or-miss. Either you love them or you hate them — there’s no in-between.

As parents traveling with children (you can read more about our travel journey as parents by subscribing to our blog here), one of the experiences that we love sharing with our kids is trying out new food experiences with them.

And make no mistake about it — the first time you taste the slimy and salty texture of an oyster is an experience that’s going to be etched onto your mind for a long, long time!

If you’ve got kids who are picky about seafood, bring them down to Dear Madison on West Loop to introduce them to all the best flavors of the sea.

With a vast array of offerings from fresh oysters, to mussels, and tangy ceviche, by the time your stomach’s full, your tastebuds will be dancing in joy.

If for some reason, the kids aren’t at all in the mood for some seafood, you can always order fried chicken tacos, or the ever-classic chicken and waffles for a truly scrumptious meal.

#2- Professor Pizza

Chicago and pizza go a long way back.

From the historic Pizzeria Uno and Pizzeria Due in the 1940s to the development of the unique deep-dish pizza, there’s no such thing as too much pizza in the Windy City.

With new pizza places opening up left, right, and center with each passing day, tourists can get a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available.

Luckily, we can help you with that.

Out of all the recent pizza places popping up in Chicago, one that you need to visit is Professor Pizza, which is also located in the West Loop.

Not much time has passed since Professor Pizza opened up, but surprisingly, the restaurant has already made quite a name for itself.

After taking a single bite of their Deluxe pepperoni pie, it’s not hard to see why either!

If you’re feeling a little adventurous and would like to opt for something other than your usual, run-off-the-mill pepperoni pizza, try your shot at the Humboldt pie, which includes two of the most divisive ingredients — pineapple and vodka.

The secret to a great pizza lies in the crust, and at Professor Pizza, the choice is in your hands. You can get a New York-style, Detroit-style, and a Sicilian-style crust. And, if you’re feeling a little nostalgic, opt for the grandma-style crust to get transported back to your childhood!

#3- Claudia

There’s a certain charm and allure to fine dining.

While we understand that for many of us, the prospect of getting all dressed up to go out for a single, insanely expensive dinner, seems to be a bit preposterous — what if we were to tell you that at Claudia, it’s all worth it?

Making their first appearance on Chicago’s food scene as bi-monthly pop-up events within West Town in 2015, Claudia got a permanent physical location last fall, and from there, things have only been getting better.

This Michelin-star restaurant, under Chef Trevor Teich’s expertise and vision, provides the gastronomical experience of a lifetime.

Fusing French and Japanese flavors, Chef Teich does not simply make food. His 10-course tasting menu, instead tells a story, brimming with love, and delicious flavors.

If you’re in the mood to tantalize, seduce, and cherish your tastebuds, Claudia is the place to go!

#4- Boonie’s Filipino

As rewarding as the experience of fine dining is, sometimes, you want to be a bit more lowkey about your food, and eat at a more casual dining spot.

But just because you want casual, in no way, means that you have to settle for bland and basic flavors.

At Boonie’s Filipino, you get access to an array of mouth-watering Filipino dishes, including but not limited to Lumpiang Shanghai — which consists of perfectly crispy Filipino-Chinese pork spring rolls, served with a tangy, chili-based sauce.

Another dish that you have to order includes the delectable Sinigang — a sour, tomatoey broth, with perfectly cooked trout, okra, spinach, and eggplant. If you’re visiting Chicago in the off-season, and looking for a warm meal that gives you the most bang for your buck, head on down to Boonie’s Filipino at Lincoln Square ASAP!

#5- Daisies

When we said that Chicago had something to cater to every palette, we meant it. (It’s because of this diversity that we just had to include it in our best US city guide here!)

If Boonie’s Filipino isn’t up your alley, you can head on down to Milwaukee Avenue, to Daisies, for an unforgettable taste of Italy.

It’s a long walk from Lincoln Square to Milwaukee Avenue, so make sure you’ve got your walking shoes with you. If you need any help with your packing, check out our travel kits.

As the name of the restaurant suggests, Daisies is all about comfort food that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Some of the highlights on their menu include their seasonal ravioli — cooked to al dente perfection, and plump with just the right amount of filling — and their Agnolotti with smoked trout roe.

Before you go, though, make sure that you’ve made a reservation beforehand since this is one of the most sought-after eateries in Chicago after its renovation.

#6- Andros Taverna

Another excellent spot on Milwaukee Avenue, Andros Taverna, offers eaters Greek food in a way they’ve never experienced before!

Chef Doug Psaltis draws on Greek tavern culture and creates a culinary environment that’s bustling with warmth, and coziness.

With a contemporary spin on rich Greek flavors, you get to taste a bite of newness that pays beautiful homage to its culinary heritage.

We’d recommend starting your meal off with the wonderfully chargrilled octopus, and the crispy kataifi cheese pie to strike the right balance of sweet, salty, sour, and tangy.

For your main meal, try out the pork shoulder gyros, and to round out everything, make sure you order something from the dessert menu, meticulously crafted by pastry chef Hsing Chen.

#7- BLVD Steakhouse

If you’re looking for a classic restaurant to celebrate an anniversary, or a birthday with your significant other, you need to check out BLVD Steakhouse in West Loop.

Paying homage to the golden era of Old Hollywood, and Sunset Boulevard, BLVD Steakhouse translates class and old-school glamor into mouth-watering dishes that’ll leave you craving more.

With a menu curated by Celebrity Chef/Partner Joe Flamm, by the time you leave, your stomach will be full, and your heart even fuller!

If you’re nervous about what to order, the safest option would be the filet mignon for main, with daybreak scallops and steak tartare for starters. But if you really want to elevate things to the next level, order their Wagyu steak instead.

#8- Fonda Cantina

A true culinary memoir of Mexico, Fonda Cantina in Evanston, is the perfect spot for anyone looking for some hearty, Mexican food.

Inside Fonda Cantina, you really see just how much love and effort Chefs Carlos Cahue and Miguel Escobar put into their menu and food.

The carne asada and tacos de camaron are executed to perfection, and with just one bite of the melt-in-your-mouth-meat, you’ll be convinced — tacos do not get any better than this.

Another tremendous dish is the albondigas— which is made out of juicy beef meatballs simmered in a simple tomato-chipotle broth, and served with tortillas.

#9- Monteverde Restaurant & Pastificio

At the esteemed Monteverde Restaurant & Pastificio, you’ll get to taste and experience the best of Chicago’s produce and flavors.

With a seasonally-inspired menu curated by Chef Sarah Gruenberg (who was also a former Top Chef contestant), Monteverde is known for combining classic Italian flavors and amplifying them.

Once you book your reservation, make sure to try the sweet corn agnolotti and the Napoletana Ragu for a party in your mouth!

#10- The Duck Inn

Located at Loomis Street, and run by chef-owner Kevin Hickey, The Duck Inn pays homage to Hickey’s great-grandma’s Depression-era cooking.

Blending the personal and the exceptional together in this refined ‘gastro-tavern,’ The Duck Inn offers guests the best-tasting duck they’ve ever had in their life.

You can either opt for the ‘Ultimate Duck Experience,’ a five-course tasting adventure complete with tableside preparation, including dessert and cocktail presentations, or you can pick and choose from a variety of items on their menu, including the coveted Duck Inn Dog — a hotdog with duck fat, beef, homemade relish and hot peppers and pickles.

Just remember, that no matter what you choose, you’re going to go on a culinary journey unlike anything else, so there really are no wrong choices here.

On that note, we hope you’ve found this blog helpful!

Happy travels!

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