Bali Indonesia Travel Guide: 11 Best Places To See 2024

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hello if you're fantasizing about a
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Adventures look no further than barley
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we've rounded 11 of the most Exquisite
places for your next family vacation and
Adventure travel trust us from naughty
monkeys to breathtaking waterfalls
barley calls you number 11 Safari and
Marine Park Guyana ever since its
Inauguration in 2007 this place has
become a must visit spot for tourists
all over the world interested in
Awakening to the Natural cause of
wildlife pay a visit to Safari and
Marine Park in Guyana for an opportunity
to immerse yourself in the wild
stroll through an open Zoo engaging with
all kinds of animals and birds when
you're done exploring top off your
adventure with a memorable dinner in the
presence of lions at the Savo Lion
restaurant creating an experience
that'll last a lifetime the best time to
visit is between nine to five when all
the animals are at their best behavior
number 10. dream Museum Zone next
offering an extraordinary array of 3D
art pieces this Museum stands out as one
of bali's top family-friendly
destinations its unique collection
boasts over 120 incredibly lifelike
paintings artfully organized into 14
stunning categories step into frames
with imaginative and picturesque scenes
providing some of the most unusual and
eye-popping backdrops imaginable ah and
the best part it's open from morning to
late night and makes for a great date
too number nine Lake veter and maybe
when you need Mother Nature you can
check out Lake petur cradled between the
Towering peaks of Mount Mata and Mount
abang Lake batter itself is a visual
Marvel and a prime attraction in bali's
tourism circuit its breathtaking
surroundings draw a huge influx of
visitors daily all eager to witness its
natural Splendor adding to its magic the
lake carries great spiritual
significance for the local population
holding a sacred place in their beliefs
just hop onto a taxi from Mount mature
and conveniently arrive at your
destination it's best if you reach there
before 3 pm to avoid rush hours number
eight more wonders await paratun a lot
located around 20 kilometers Northwest
of kuta is a truly iconic temple in Bali
it's stunning position on a rocky islet
surrounded by powerful waves is
incredibly impressive this Temple holds
immense spiritual significance for the
Balinese people especially as a sea
Temple each evening crowds of tourists
flock from kuta legian and Sanu to
witness the breathtaking Sunset behind
the temple constructed in the early 16th
century Puritan a lot is believed to
have been inspired by the priest
nirathra who after spending a night on
the Rock outcrop asked local fishermen
to build a temple here so head on over
for a breathtaking stroll number 7. Ubud
monkey forest and here's the star
attraction a visit to the monkey Forest
also known as the sacred monkey Forest
Sanctuary is one of the top attractions
in Ubud Bali it's especially great for
animal enthusiasts and photographers you
can easily walk to it from Uber Town
Center in about 10 minutes there are
well-maintained paths that take you
through dense forests of enormous Banyan
and Nutmeg trees among the trees you'll
discover moss-covered statues and
ancient temples creating an almost
mystical atmosphere on the southwest
side of the forest you'll find one of
the three temples within it the 14th
century Pura dalam argang parang tangle
here hundreds of monkeys swing through
the trees and climb over the temple
walls in the Northwest part of the
forest there's an ancient bathing Temple
pure veggie that gives a beautiful
backdrop for observing the monkey's
playful Behavior but if you're tired of
fun and games we have a more relaxing
spot next number six Barley's Rice
Terraces of tagalalang and utilaue want
to see the gorgeous emerald colored Rice
Field shown in Bali tourism brochures
and Instagram posts the tagalalang or
datilaue Rice Terraces are a dream
location for any photographer to
galalang Rice Terraces about a 30-minute
Drive North of Ubud are one of the most
well-known locations for photographing
and absorbing the Timeless beauty of
these renowned Vistas be warned that
people will ask for donations along the
most popular walk through the rice
fields and many charge entrants and
parking fees but a visit to one of the
many eateries and cafes overlooking the
fields will make up for it 5. nusa Dua
Beach are you craving a break from the
Lively hustle and bustle of Bali then
look no further than nusadua Beach
picture yourself reclining on a plush
Sun lounger a refreshing drink in hand
while a gentle wave sway you on the soft
powdery Sands although you won't find
the same cultural immersion as in other
parts of Bali given that nusa DOA is a
private resort area on its close
Peninsula if peace and luxury beaches
are what you're after you've come to the
right place a well-maintained Promenade
lines the coast offering a delightful
path for leisurely strolls beneath the
resorts and attractions with such a
wealth of relaxation at your fingertips
it's no wonder Noosa Dua is a Top Choice
for Honeymooners visiting Bali number 4.
bisaki temple bali's sacred Marvel next
we have Pura bisaki also known as the
Mother Temple which stands as a
testament to over a thousand years of
history but did you know this Temple
complex is the holiest and largest in
all of Bali stationed on the southern
slopes of Mount agung at an elevation of
a thousand meters pure basica is more
than just a temple it's a collection of
numerous sacred sites that serve as the
spiritual heart of the Balinese people
surrounded by rice paddies and Lush
forests this Temple complex is a place
of significance hosting many of bali's
most famous festivals if you're
fortunate your visit May align with one
of these vibrant celebrations set aside
about three hours to explore the
intricacies of these temples comfortable
walking shoes are a must as you'll cover
a considerable distance and navigate
numerous steps and here's a pro tip as
you approach the gates be prepared for
locals eager to sell sarongs incense
guiding services and assorted items hey
do you want more Insider gossip then
check out our travel blog at wonderfully com 3. water bomb Bali if
you and your kids seek Adventure we've
got just the place make a day of it at
water bomb Bali this action-packed water
park in Cooter's core has something for
everyone in the family Splash around in
the pools float down the Lazy River or
Zoom down one of the many twisting water
slides and thrills including the python
green viper and Super Bowl mums and dads
can unwind with reflexology manicures
pedicures or fish spa therapy
restaurants and cafes cater to a variety
of diets and the grounds are designed
with enormous Shady trees and gorgeous
tropical gardens providing a welcome
relief from the Sun on a hot tropical
day so are you ready to try wakeboarding
water skiing or other water sports
number two seminyak shopping next if you
need a change of clothes Barley's got
you covered the best examples of
Balinese design can be found on the busy
streets of seminyak the Chic stores with
bustling energy get you in the right
mood you'll find yourself going through
designer apparel Surf and swimwear
eye-catching jewelry and homeware goods
to buy for friends and family biasa
magali Pascal and bamboo blonde are
among the best shops sea Gypsy is a
popular jewelry store and Drifter surf
shop and Cafe sells Surf and skateboard
gear seminyak square and seminyak
Village are the two largest shopping
malls but you'll generally find greater
discounts in the smaller shops lining
the streets now you're dressed like a
king and queen ready for your final stop
number one sekampo waterfall finally
this spectacular waterfall hidden away
in the thick forest and Lush foliage of
succumble Hamlet is a terrific sight to
explore with your family trekking
through the difficult slopes that lead
to the stunning waterfall is an
adventure not to be missed circumple
waterfall is a cluster of seven tiny
waterfalls that plunge from the rocky
borders to form a little pool if you're
visiting this waterfall with children
taking a Plunge in this refreshing pool
might be quite nice nice to reach this
natural wonder get ready for a short
Trek from the village allowing you to
immerse yourself in a stunning
surroundings before arriving at the
cascading falls for the most stress-free
experience plan your visit between 8 30
am and 2PM particularly during the
months of October to April this window
offers the perfect balance of Ideal
weather conditions and a pleasant
atmosphere thanks for watching don't
forget to like And subscribe

Visiting Bali for the summers? Check out the 11 Best Places To See!

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With that said, let’s check out the 11 best places to see in Bali.

11. Seminyak

Our journey begins in Seminyak, an upscale and stylish beach town located just north of Kuta-Legian. Seminyak stands out with its boutique hotels, luxurious villas, excellent dining options, and vibrant nightlife that lives up to Bali’s name.

Double 6 Beach, with its gentle waves, is ideal for swimming, boogie-boarding, and novice surfers. But the real star of the show are the sunsets here. You can sip on fresh coconut water while witnessing the sun gracefully descend below the horizon – it’s an important part of the full Bali experience that one should not miss.

Seminyak has some of the best bars as well. From La Plancha’s colorful beachfront bean bags to the sophisticated Ku De Ta and the Double Six Rooftop Bar, you’ll have numerous options to choose from. But be sure to check out the price tag on things here.

10. Ubud

A short journey inland takes us to Ubud, the vibrant cultural hub of Bali. With dozens of picturesque villages, Ubud weaves a colorful blend of art, traditional dance, and breathtaking landscapes.

At the heart of this town, you’ll find the Ubud Palace and the lively local market, which offer an in on typical Balinese life. But if you’re seeking a more peaceful experience, set off on the Campuhan Ridge Walk, a scenic trail that passes through rice paddies.

Ubud is famous for its yoga and meditation studios, making it the perfect place to embark on a journey of inner peace and self-discovery. Additionally, the Blanco Renaissance Museum and the Agung Rai Museum of Art proudly showcase Bali’s rich artistic heritage.

And of course, don’t miss the chance to catch a traditional Balinese dance performance at various venues around town. Our favorite? Lotus Cafe.

9. Munduk

While Ubud is the cultural center of Bali, Munduk offers a cooler climate and a unique side of the island.

Hiking enthusiasts will love the scenic trails that wind through beautiful Balinese woods, revealing lush green scenery along the way. While you’re there, be sure to make time for a visit to the Banjar hot springs, a natural retreat enveloped by the serene beauty of the surrounding environment.

Lake Beratan, home to the iconic Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, is a short drive away. The temple appears to float on the lake’s surface. It’s a picture out of a postcard.

8. Candidasa

Candidasa, a tranquil coastal town in eastern Bali, is an ideal destination to escape the crowds.

Explore the nearby water palaces of Tirta Gangga and Taman Ujung, where wonderful fountains and gardens create a peaceful ambiance. The white sands of Virgin Beach, accessible via a scenic hike, offer a secluded spot for relaxation and snorkeling.

Candidasa’s slow pace makes it perfect for unwinding, especially for people coming to Bali for a quiet getaway. You can choose from a variety of boutique hotels and enjoy fresh seafood at local eateries. And guess what? They’re all on the oceanfront.

For a safe and fun hiking trip, check out our hiking must haves travel kit here.

7. Bukit Peninsula

Want something that is even more secluded? The Bukit Peninsula is the place for you.

You might recognize Padang-Padang Beach from the famous movie, Eat Pray Love. It has two standout beaches – Balangan Beach is a surfer’s paradise, and Green Bowl Beach is a hidden gem accessible via a steep staircase.

Don’t miss the iconic Uluwatu Temple perched on a clifftop with panoramic ocean views. Witness the captivating Kecak Fire Dance at sunset for a mesmerizing cultural performance.

6. Amed

Amed offers an entirely different Bali experience like no other place in the region.

As a fishing and salt-producing community, Amed’s black volcanic sand beaches keep the crowds at bay. But it’s a paradise for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts, with Tulamben, one of Bali’s most renowned dive sites, just a short drive away.

But worry not, even non-divers can have a blast in the waters of Amed. A short swim from the shore takes you to the Japanese shipwreck, visible just beneath the surface.

5. Sidemen

For a spiritual escape, take a scenic ride to Sidemen. This tranquil Balinese village has a lot to offer for those looking to connect with their inner peace.

You can start by taking a leisurely stroll or bike ride through its picturesque terraced rice fields, feeling the soothing connection between nature and your spiritual self.

The village is also home to some of the oldest ancient Hindu temples like Pura Dalem Sidan, Pura Bukit, and Pura Tegeh Koripan.

Many accommodations here offer traditional Balinese blessing ceremonies as well. These involve sacred rituals with holy water, prayers, and offerings that not only bless you but also help you connect more deeply with the local culture and spirituality.

If you’re looking for more spiritual getaway ideas, you might like our guide to Bangkok – home to some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries.

4. Canggu

Canggu is another coastal town famous for its gray and black sand beaches with some of the best accomodations in Bali.

Kick back on a beach chair, savor an ice-cold Bintang, and soak in the laid-back ambiance free from the usual tourist crowds. Canggu’s waves cater to advanced surfers and boogie-boarders seeking an adrenaline rush.

Canggu has experienced rapid development, offering a wide range of accommodations, restaurants, and bars tailored to a new wave of visitors. Old Man’s and Finns Beach Club are popular hangout spots, while co-working spaces make it an attractive hub for digital nomads.

3. Mt. Batur and Mt. Agung

Bali is home to two active volcanoes: Mt. Batur and Mt. Agung.

Mt. Batur, standing at 1,717 meters, offers a moderately challenging hike where local guides are essential. The hikes during sunrise or sunset will get you breathtaking views of volcanic activity and the surrounding landscape. If trekking isn’t your forte, the nearby Kintamani area has restaurants with spectacular vistas of Mt. Batur.

For the more adventurous souls, Mt. Agung, Bali’s highest peak at 3,031 meters, presents a demanding ascent to its summit. The journey typically begins in the middle of the night to reach the summit by sunrise.

Pro-Tip – The activity levels of Mt. Agung can fluctuate, so it’s crucial to check conditions before planning your hike.

2. Sanur

Of course, beaches take the center stage when it comes to Bali! And Sanur offers the perfect, traditional Balinese coastal atmosphere. The long beachfront promenade is perfect for leisurely walks and cycling. Witness the glorious sunrise views over Mount Agung as you stroll along the tranquil shores.

While there is not much to do here, it is still a tourist-favorite for its beautiful sunsets and good food. This is the definition of less-is-more.

1. Nusa Islands

To complete your Bali adventure, hop on a boat to the nearby Nusa Island – the perfect cherry-on-top for your Balinese adventure.

Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan form this trio of tropical paradises, all accessible within a 30-minute speedboat ride from Sanur.

Nusa Penida is celebrated for its dramatic cliffs and beautiful viewpoints like Kelingking Beach and Angel’s Billabong.

Free Tip – Locals believe snorkeling with manta rays in Crystal Bay can be a healing experience for those not fond of deep water diving.

Nusa Lembongan is known for its mangrove forests, seaweed farming, and the iconic Yellow Bridge connecting it to Nusa Ceningan. Explore Devil’s Tear, a mesmerizing natural phenomenon, and enjoy water sports like paddle boarding and surfing.

Nusa Ceningan, the smallest of the three, is a serene escape with vibrant blue waters, cliff-jumping spots, and cozy beachfront accommodations.

Whether you choose to explore one or all of the Nusa Islands, they provide an excellent extension to your Bali adventure.

Free Tips

  • Visa Requirements: Most travelers can enter Bali without a visa for up to 30 days. But make sure to check the latest visa requirements before your trip, especially if you plan to stay longer.
  • Weather: Bali’s tropical climate means there are two main seasons: the dry season (May to September) and the wet season (October to April). The dry season is ideal for outdoor activities and beach visits.
  • Culture and Etiquette: Respect local customs and traditions, such as wearing modest clothing when visiting temples. Learning a few basic Indonesian phrases can go a long way in showing respect to the locals.
  • Currency: The Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) is the official currency. ATMs are widely available, and credit cards are accepted in most tourist areas.

For more travel content and hot tips just like these, check out our Youtube channel here.

All of these locations offer the best of the Bali experience. And as you immerse yourself in the island’s beauty and culture, you’ll discover why Bali has earned its reputation as the Island of the Gods.

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