The 7 Best Las Vegas Hotels for Families

welcome back to wonderfully lost a travel Community for par...

welcome back to wonderfully lost a
travel Community for parents by parents
now Sin City is the last place you think
to take that good old family trip but
here's the secret staying at one of
these seven family-friendly hotels is
all you need to ensure fun for you and
your adventure travel loving kids from a
real-life mermaid to megatons of beach
sand these Las Vegas Family Hotels have
got it all number 7. The Mandalay Bay
Resort and Casino Mandalay Bay is like a
multi-sensory theme park that'll blow
your socks off and your kids socks as
well quite literally because thanks to
Mega tons of sand poured in this hotel
guarantees you the perfect Beach Vibes
we're not kidding with four distinctive
pools spread over 11 acres of aquatic
awesomeness Mandalay Bay can only be
described as a pool Extravaganza and as
we said this hotel is a beach in Vegas
made up of a mind-boggling 2 700 tons of
natural soft Sandy goodness if that's
not enough excitement for the kids
there's one other unique feature about
this hotel that makes it the absolute
best as you enter the expansive Lobby of
Mandalay Bay you'll come face to Finn
with the famous shark aquarium and while
the 12 types of shark keep your kids
hooked you can lay back and chill in
your spacious rooms or the 30 000 square
foot spa plus there's no hassle of going
out for food either because this hotel
has got you covered with tons of
restaurants ranging from 24-hour bistros
to celebrity chef Helm fine dining
situated at the southern end of the Las
Vegas Strip This Resort promises the
adventure you want to experience on
vacation with your family number 6.
Delano Hotel Las Vegas say hello to
Delano the ultimate kid-friendly Vegas
hotel but without a whiff of smoke or
Casino hustle and hey if you're looking
for some Royal Treatment Delano is all
about that luxury where talking
apartment style suites that'll make you
feel like a Vegas VP space comfort and
style they've got it all in Spades by
the way its location is a total Game
Changer Delano is located right in the
heart of the action on the Strip which
means you're just a hop skip and a jump
away from the most mind-blowing shows
and mouth-watering restaurants Vegas
offers and the best part Delano has a
secret weapon for your family free
access to the Mandalay Bay Beach Complex
so whether you're looking to create
Unforgettable family memories or just
want a blast with the casino scene
Delano is the place to be number 5. The
Mirage ever seen a hotel where a giant
volcano comes to life spewing fire into
the night sky every evening at 8 pm
enter the Mirage A Slice of Heaven it's
a spectacle that'll leave you breathless
and that's just the beginning Calling
All Families The Mirage is the place to
be this place is jam-packed with
family-friendly experiences that'll have
your little ones jumping for joy right
behind the front front desk in the
hotel's main lobby your kids can delve
into the mesmerizing twenty thousand
gallon salt water tank home to 450 fish
from 80 different species and oh boy the
tropical themed pool area is where all
the fun is at waterfalls cascading down
Cabanas calling a name it's a water
Paradise that'll make your family
vacation memorable for more Explorer
kids this hotel has siegfield and Roy's
Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat which
hosts incredible creatures like
bottlenose dolphins white tigers white
lions and leopards you can also say
goodbye to your accommodation worries at
the Mirage you can choose from cozy
guest rooms and spacious one and two
bedroom suites or indulge in one of
their luxurious Villas and lynnese plus
cribs are available upon request at no
charge and you can get rollaway beds for
a small fee it's all about making your
family stay as comfortable and thrilling
as possible number 4. Red Rock Casino
Resort and Spa first things first let's
talk schools and not just any pools we
are talking three acres of aquatic
awesomeness surrounded by an island
Fountain and 19 reservable Cabanas all
for you to kick back and relax in style
but that's not all Red Rock Casino has
to offer if your children's hunger pangs
interrupt your pool party you have The
Sandbar poolside Cafe which serves you
snacks and drinks right in your lounge
chair no more hassle of changing out of
your swimsuits and your kids can tap
into their inner Adventure at Kids Quest
wall climbing getting crafty or rocking
the stage with karaoke Red Rock Casino
has got it all on if you want to enjoy
some adult time on your own you have the
casino and the golf course to hit then
you have a bowling alley and a hotel
featured movie theater it truly is
entertainment Galore if you're feeling
you've got what it takes for a thrilling
Outdoor Adventure a concierge is waiting
to point you in the right direction you
can indulge in horseback riding river
rafting hiking or biking whatever you're
filling up for a little Red Rock Canyon
sightseeing never hurt anyone staying at
Red Rock Casino will make sure your
Vegas getaway is one to remember
hey are you a Wanderer yet if not head
over to our travel blog at wonderfully number three Bellagio
Resort and Casino there are a few hotels
in Vegas that are family friendly and
pet loving Bellagio doubles as both with
exclusive awesome services this hotel
knows how to treat your furry companions
right but let's get to the important
question how is this luxury hotel well
suited for kids for starters they've got
a stunning indoor garden attraction the
Bellagio conservatory and botanical
gardens spread over 14 000 square feet
afterward you and your family can head
outside to watch the world famous
Fountains of Bellagio where water dances
and dazzles in a breathtaking show of
lights and music now for all circus
lover kids the aquatic themed Cirque du
Soleil show called o is always ready to
greet you from acrobatics to daring
divers it's a show your kids will never
forget and if that's not enough
entertainment the Bellagio has not won
not two but five incredible pools for
you to choose from with reserve seating
and Cabanas plus a poolside Cafe to keep
you fueled and refreshed this hotel has
everything you can dream of also
families you've got choices pick from
cozy guest rooms spacious one bedroom or
two bedroom suites the Bellagios are
perfect fit for your crew number two
Circus Circus hotel and casino Circus
Circus Hotel lives up to its name a free
daily circus Extravaganza at the Midway
stage featuring acrobats and dazzling
magicians is the USP of this hotel
however that's not the only reason this
is one of the best options for a family
vacation when you enter the hotel
prepare to say hello to adventuresome an
indoor theme park from Junior rides
that'll tickle your little ones with
delight to Thriller roller coasters
that'll have you screaming with joy
Adventure Summers a theme park Paradise
Additionally the Splash Zone allows you
and your family to dive into the
refreshing Waters and let loose in the
splash pad oh did we mention there's a
50-foot slide Tower featuring three
water slides yep and if you consider
extra special Midway and on-site arcade
with classic and state-of-the-art video
games Circus Circus is the ultimate
Family Playground number one Tahiti
Village Resort and Spa picture this a
kid-friendly pool a lazy river and a
Tahitian themed Beach all in one place
sounds too good to be true right not
anymore because Tahiti Village Resort
has nailed it all this place is so
awesome that it snagged the 2021
TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Award it's
the real deal a Tropical Paradise right
in the heart of Vegas and the excitement
keeps coming with the Resort's seasonal
activities calendar kids can meet a
real-life mermaid yes while the adults
can indulge in wine and beer events if
you're a tropical celebration fan Tahiti
has got a luau for you to become a part
of to keep the kids busy they have the
tiki Cove arcade to get their game on
and challenge each other now let's talk
about accommodations at this Resort you
can choose from one or two bedroom
suites equipped with a full kitchen and
laundry it's a parent's dream for sure
but if you're looking for a more compact
option no worries they've got king bed
suites with kitchenettes too and guess
what when you stay at Tahiti Village you
enjoy complementary Wi-Fi and shuttle
service to the famous Las Vegas strip no
hassle of hailing a taxi or arranging
transport so what are you waiting for go
book your Vegas family trip right now
thanks for watching see you next time

Are you planning the perfect Las Vegas family getaway but not sure where to stay? Read along for the 7 Best Las Vegas Hotels for Families.

Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost, your one-stop shop for all things travel. Today, we’ll talk about the family-friendly side of one of the most glamorous cities in the world – Las Vegas.

Also called the world’s entertainment capital, Vegas might not seem like an obvious destination for family vacations.

Before you get lost in our blog, be sure to browse our Wanderful Storefront for all our favorite travel products, gear and must haves!

But at these 7 best hotels for families in Las Vegas, both parents and kids can have a blast without compromising on fun and comfort. So let’s dive in.

1. Four Seasons Hotel – South Strip

Located along the vibrant South Strip, the Four Seasons Hotel stands out as a casino-free and non-smoking haven.

The hotel’s commitment to family comfort shows in its assortment of fun activities and offerings with young ones in mind.

From the moment families step into their elegantly appointed rooms, the fun begins. Pint-sized robes and specially curated goodies greet children with a warm welcome, setting the tone for a memorable stay.

One of the highlights of this family-oriented retreat is the rooftop private pool. Set against the backdrop of the stunning Las Vegas skyline, this oasis offers a serene escape for families to unwind, bask in the sun, and create cherished memories.

For those seeking variety, the Four Seasons also provides the unique advantage of accessing Mandalay Bay’s world-class amenities. The Mandalay Bay’s wave pool, lazy river, and an array of swimming pools mean endless aquatic adventures for children and adults.

What’s more, couples can indulge in spa treatments designed to rejuvenate the senses or savor gourmet meals at the hotel’s fine dining establishments.

Beyond the hotel’s boundaries lie a host of nearby attractions that cater to every family member’s wishes.

Adventurous families can explore the captivating Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay or embark on thrilling roller coaster rides at New York – New York Hotel, both just a stone’s throw away.

2. Mandalay Bay Resort – South Strip

Speaking of Mandalay Bay…

Tucked away on the lively South Strip, Mandalay Bay Resort is the perfect paradise for families seeking luxury and delightful kid-friendly adventures. From the moment you step into its awe-inspiring lobby, you’ll feel the magic in the air – and that’s just the beginning!

The real showstopper here is the enormous pool wonderland. Imagine a place tailor-made for water-loving families – a wave pool that feels like the ocean, a lazy river winding through lush scenery, and not just one, not two, but three big pools with sandy beaches. It’s a dream come true that offers endless splashes and sandcastle fun.

For couples looking for a romantic time, Mandalay Bay has luxurious suites with private whirlpools and breathtaking city views. Indulge in their expansive spa and a range of top-notch dining spots for the ultimate relaxation and quality time.

  • Fun Tip: Don’t miss the daily spectacle of the “Mandalay Bay Beach Party,” where families can enjoy poolside entertainment, music, and games that elevate the resort experience to a whole new level of fun and excitement.

3. New York – New York Hotel – South Strip

Looking for a place where Las Vegas meets the buzz of New York City? The New York – New York Hotel is your answer!

Situated on the lively South Strip, this special luxury hotel brings a blast of fun for families and couples alike.

As soon as you arrive, get ready to be wowed by a mini version of the iconic New York City skyline – it’s like stepping into the city that never sleeps! But the real excitement starts with the roller coaster that twists and turns around the hotel. Imagine taking in Vegas views while riding a thrilling coaster – both kids and parents will love it!

For families, the Coney Island-themed midway arcade is a paradise. Packed with games and cool shops, it’s a blast for kids of all ages. From old-school carnival games to the latest video game fun, there’s endless entertainment.

If you’re a mom, you can plan your vacation even more seamlessly with our Essential Checklist for Moms!

And for couples seeking a getaway filled with romance, the New York – New York Hotel sets the stage for an enchanting escape. Walk hand in hand along a recreated Brooklyn Bridge, soaking in the dazzling cityscape as your backdrop. When it’s time for a lovely dinner, the hotel has you covered with a variety of top-notch dining choices, offering flavors to satisfy every taste.

  • Fun Tip – Don’t miss the chance to capture a picture in front of the hotel’s iconic Statue of Liberty replica – it’s a quintessential Vegas photo op that perfectly captures the essence of this extraordinary city.

4. Courtyard Hotel – South Las Vegas

Families and couples seeking a perfect mix of comfort and value in the heart of Las Vegas, look no further than the Courtyard Hotel in South Las Vegas.

While the pool here might not be the biggest in town, the hotel has a secret weapon – a roomy hot tub that’s just the thing to unwind in under the twinkling stars. Imagine soaking in warm bubbles after a day of exploring the city’s attractions – this is what we call pure relaxation!

What’s really cool about the Courtyard Hotel is that they’ve got a mini-market right there. Grab a quick snack or put together a mini-meal – it’s perfect for families on the move or couples wanting a cozy night in.

Here’s the best part – they offer a free shuttle to the Strip or the airport. No worries about traffic or directions – just focus on having fun and making memories.

But the fun doesn’t stop at the hotel. With its spot near the famous Las Vegas Strip, you’re close to all the action – from amazing entertainment to world-class dining and dazzling shows. Couples looking for that Vegas nightlife buzz are right next to cool casinos and lively clubs.

5. The Golden Nugget – Fremont Street

Right on lively Fremont Street, the Golden Nugget is your perfect midrange escape for an exhilarating family trip.

Imagine a place that mixes fun, comfort, and value perfectly – that’s what this hotel does best, making it a top choice for your Vegas adventure.

The Golden Nugget doesn’t just have a pool – there’s a super exciting waterslide too. They also have a cool shark aquarium. Get up close to those majestic creatures and make your stay extra unforgettable.

On Fremont Street, the Golden Nugget gives families a chance to step away from the flashy Strip. You’ll feel the city’s history and culture in a more relaxed way. And guess what? You’re close to the famous Fremont Street Experience – a dazzling show of lights, music, and great places to eat and shop.

When you’re not splashing in the pool or riding the waterslide, check out the cool Fremont Street Experience. There’s amazing light shows, live performances, and loads of places to enjoy a tasty meal or find cool stuff to buy. Don’t miss the Mob Museum and the Neon Museum nearby – they’re full of interesting stories about Vegas.

Are you enjoying this family vacation to the best hotels for families in Las Vegas? Check out our Youtube channel for hundreds of family travel destinations and vacation ideas just like this.

6. Excalibur Resort – South Strip

If you’re up for an awesome stay on the famous South Strip without breaking the bank, head straight to Excalibur Resort.

Even though the medieval theme is getting a makeover, the hotel’s still super charming and fun. Think knights, maidens, and even finger-food feasting!

When you step outside, you’re near cool spots like T-Mobile Arena for big shows and New York-New York’s roller coaster for a thrill ride.

Feeling hungry? There’s yummy food all around. Try Tacos & Tequila for flavors from all over, or Shake Shack for classic bites. You’ve got loads of choices nearby as well.

7. Circus Circus Hotel – North Strip

Circus Circus Hotel on the North Strip is like a dream come true for kids and parents who want a blast all the time!

Imagine this: two huge pools with bubbling jacuzzis and an extra pool at the cool KOA RV Park next door. And hold onto your hats – the midway area is pure magic. There are games, a gigantic arcade, and super cool circus acts happening all day.

There’s more! Thrill-seekers are in for a ride at Adventuredome. There are 25 wild rides and other activities to try. It’s like a theme park within a hotel — it doesn’t get better than this.

And then there is the cherry on top. The rooms got a makeover for extra comfort… and now, kids stay there for free!

Circus Circus Hotel is your go-to destination for non-stop fun. It’s a win-win for kids and parents. Believe us when we say everyone’s gonna have a blast!

And that’s a wrap. Whether you’re traveling with toddlers, teenagers, or anywhere in between, these 7 hotels ensure that your Las Vegas family adventure is one for the books, filled with excitement, comfort, and cherished memories.

So pack your bags, and let’s get going!

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