Complete Japan Travel Guide: Exploring Japanese Cities, Landmarks, Accommodations, and Cuisine 2024

all right guys if Japan's not on your vacation bucket list ...

all right guys if Japan's not on your
vacation bucket list it definitely
should be Japan is one of the most
beautiful Asian countries and is
trending as one of the most popular
travel destinations in today's video
we'll show you why this country known
for its amazing history culture and
Technology should be your next vacation
destination Japan has something for
everyone including castles bullet trains
and even high-tech toilets
um yes that's right keep watching and
we'll explain further so pack your bags
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what is Japan we'll start off with a
very broad question what is Japan many
people may not realize it but Japan is a
beautiful island country and it's more
than just Tokyo in fact it's more than
just one Island Japan is made up of
around 7 000 Islands half of which are
inhabited it is the most densely
populated and urbanized country in the
world and most of that urbanization has
happened in the past 50 years
Japan is part of what's referred to as
the ring of fire a horseshoe shaped area
with frequent volcanic eruptions and
earthquakes despite the prominence of
natural disasters Japan has seen rapid
growth since World War II most of the
population is packed into a few mega
cities it's common in Japan for streets
to be less than 12 feet wide causing the
cities to be very dense in addition
buildings are often torn down to build
taller buildings in their place since
outward expansion isn't an option due to
Geographic limitations
when you visit Japan you will most
likely visit one of the five main
islands Hokkaido Honshu shikoko kayushu
or Okinawa we'll review where to go in
Japan next
where to go in Japan some of the top
tourist destinations in Japan include
Tokyo Kyoto Osaka Sapporo and Fukuoka
let's dive into these five cities and
see what they have to offer number 1.
Tokyo Tokyo is the capital city of Japan
as well as the most populous city in the
world and it has a lot to offer visitors
there are many different neighborhoods
to explore all with a different feel for
example ropangi is one of the most
popular nightlife districts in Tokyo and
features many bars restaurants and clubs
during the day visitors enjoy the
observation decks on top of tall
skyscrapers and fashion boutiques and at
night the party has come out and flock
to dance clubs discos cabarets and you
guessed it karaoke bars
another neighborhood asakusa is home to
the senzojai temple which is one of the
most popular tourist attractions in
the ancient Buddhist temple is the
oldest one in the world and the
five-story Pagoda is one of the most
famous and photographed icons in Japan
number 2. Kyoto Kyoto is a beautiful
city in Japan that is full of culture
and history there are many things to see
and do from exploring the ancient
temples and shrines to experiencing
modern city life here tourists can visit
the Fushimi Inari Shrine where they are
asked to pay respect to a deity by
offering a small donation or you can
visit the kiyomizidira temple where you
will walk through the famous Red Gate to
enter the sprawling Temple grounds if
you are visiting Kyoto a must-see
destination is the orishimara Bamboo
Grove this natural Bamboo Grove is often
described as awe-inspiring otherworldly
and Serene you will feel like you are
truly on a different planet while
walking through the narrow paths with
tall bamboo shoots on either side better
yet it's open 24 hours a day and there's
no admission fee
no matter what your interests are there
is something for everyone in Kyoto
number 3. Osaka Osaka is Japan's third
most populous city and its largest port
this commercial capital of Japan is
known for its unique culture and Foods
here you can eat takoyaki any guesses
what that is alright you'll probably
never guess it's octopus balls and
supposedly they are delicious visitors
enjoy strolling the streets through the
shopping district where you can find
one-of-a-kind items and food souvenirs
one of the most popular items found here
is takoyaki flavored Foods again with
the octopus balls you'll also find
vending machine toys Cosmetics Handbags
and KitKat bars in every possible flavor
you can think of KitKat recently opened
up a shop in Osaka with made to order
custom bars using a variety of different
ingredients such as mango pineapple and
marshmallow which are chilled with
liquid nitrogen would you try a
pineapple flavored KitKat I would number
4. Sapporo Sapporo is another popular
tourist destination located on Japan's
northernmost island of Hokkaido it is
home to a diverse population of around
1.9 million people and is known as a
center for business and education in
Sapporo has a strong tradition of beer
brewing and the famous local beer
Sapporo is exported to many countries
around the world you were probably
thinking it sounded familiar the city is
also home to many natural Hot Springs
known as ansin which are popular among
tourists and locals alike the hot
springs can be found everywhere and they
are perfect for unwinding after a long
day of sightseeing it's even possible to
rent private answers for your group
Sapporo is also known for its snow
Festival which happens each year in
February at this Festival you will see
insanely large snow and ice sculptures
and you can go tubing down a boarded
snow slide where you won't have to worry
about bumping into anyone else
number five Fukuoka Fukuoka is a
beautiful city in Japan's southern chuo
region the city has a population of 1.3
million people and is known for its
seafood and Roses as well as its many
temples shrines and castles there is
also a very active Rock scene in Fukuoka
with several influential Indie bands
based in the city the best way to visit
Fukuoka is by bicycle or on foot you
will find many famous historical sites
such as the gorgeous Gerardo Castle this
Castle which is over 300 years old was
built for military purposes and is one
of the most famous and awe-inspiring
castles in Japan
Fukuoka hosts several annual events the
fukuokan asian flower festival
celebrates the city's roses and plants
by setting up gigantic floral displays
across the city visitors can even attend
flower arranging workshops Fukuoka also
hosts the sumo wrestling Grand
tournament each year with thousands of
tourists traveling in to be part of
Japan's most prestigious sporting event
all right we know you've been waiting to
hear more about the food so let's dive
into that next
what to eat in Japan Japan has some of
the best foods in the world from Sushi
to Ramen to tempura there are plenty of
options for Foodies and those wanting to
try new things many people cite the food
as their main reason for visiting Japan
Japan has a reputation for serving tiny
portions but this isn't necessarily true
if you're on a tight budget you can
certainly eat cheaply in Japan by
ordering off a set menu or visiting an
all-you-can-eat buffet the most common
set menus consist of an appetizer rice
and miso soup main dish and rice or
noodles the appetizer might be a small
salad or radish and the main dish will
be something like tonkatsu which is
breaded pork cutlet or curry rice you
will also receive a side dish such as
deep fried tofu or vegetables and
dessert which could be anything from Ice
Cream to fresh fruit many restaurants
Also Serve free green tea with your meal
Japanese all-you-can-eat buffets are
popular among tourists especially those
traveling with families the typical
Buffet will offer about 30 different
foods ranging from snacks like crackers
and chips to full-size hot meals like
curry rice and tonkatsu you'll usually
find sushi rolls tempura deep fried
chicken nuggets Ramen fried rice
udon and miso soup one thing is for
certain you will never be hungry while
you're in Japan
what is the culture in Japan the culture
in Japan is very different from that in
Europe or America which makes it
fascinating to visitors from those
countries Japan's culture is based on
its customs and etiquette the Japanese
are very polite and respectful with a
strong sense of social obligation gifts
are very important to the Japanese and
they are given it all sorts of occasions
including at business meetings according
to the Japan National tourism
organization Japanese people are often
genuinely happy to see foreign visitors
and do everything they can to help
tourists sometimes at their own
inconvenience it's no wonder Japan is
training as one of the most popular
tourist destinations in the world in
discussing Japan's culture it's finally
time to discuss the high-tech toilets we
mentioned earlier Japan is a global
leader in technology so it's not
surprising that even their toilets have
become smart in fact Most Japanese now
have high-tech toilets in their homes
rather than regulatory toilets you will
enjoy a whole bathroom experience which
includes seat warming rinsing of various
places a blow dryer and even music to
help you relax
Japan is the perfect travel destination
for 2023. it offers a unique culture
delicious food stunning natural beauty
and interesting history plus
self-rinsing toilets so whether you're
looking for an adventure or just a
relaxing vacation Japan is sure to have
something for you would you be willing
to try octopus balls tell us in the
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Japan has become one of the most popular travel destinations of 2023. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene temples of Kyoto, Japan is a place where tradition harmoniously coexists with technological marvels. Japan opened its doors to the world by relaxing visa requirements for several nationalities, thus inviting a large number of eager tourists.

The recent increase in interest begs the question: why the sudden influx? Let us show you!

Be sure to check out our Japan travel planning resources at the end, and if your time on our site is as WANDERFUL as we hope, we’d be super thrilled to have you share this post with your fellow wanderers.

1) The Future: Tokyo

The city of Tokyo, globally recognized as an influential hub of technology and culture, is home to more than 13 million residents. From towering skyscrapers to tranquil shrines, Tokyo is an adventurous journey into the heart of Japan.

Walking through the Shibuya district, you are immediately enveloped by a cascade of neon lights and the relentless buzz of city life. Here, you can experience the famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing. Often featured in films and TV shows, it’s the epitome of Tokyo’s fast-paced lifestyle. Thousands of pedestrians crisscross from all directions with each change of traffic light, creating a captivating, organized chaos that’s a marvel to witness.

When seeking a respite from the loud energy of the city, the Meiji Shrine provides a tranquil sanctuary. Nestled amidst lush, verdant landscapes, it is an embodiment of serenity and peace.

It’s an island of calm in the urban sprawl where one can soak in the atmosphere of traditional Shinto practices.

For those with a passion for capturing visually stunning images, the Sensō-ji temple offers unparalleled opportunities. Its magnificent five-storied pagoda reaches almost 18 stories high, rivaling the city’s modern skyscrapers. As one of Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temples, Sensō-ji is a breathtaking sight, with its ancient architectural design offering a stark contrast to the city’s modern landscape.

In the district of Shinjuku, visitors are greeted with a high-energy blend of contemporary technology, eclectic shops, and vivacious subcultures. Shinjuku’s nightlife is a sensory feast, teeming with an extensive range of eateries, bars, clubs, and cabarets. The district is a melting pot of entertainment that keeps the spirit of Tokyo alive well into the night.

No journey through Tokyo would be complete without exploring Akihabara, a paradise for enthusiasts of anime, manga, and gaming. Recognized as the heartland of Japanese pop culture, Akihabara is brimming with anime and manga stores, themed cafes, and arcades. Beyond this, it’s also a central hub for cosplay, with a multitude of stores dedicated to costumes and accessories. Tokyo is also home to the world’s tallest free-standing tower, the Tokyo Skytree. At a height of 634 meters, the Skytree offers stunning panoramic views of the city.

In Tokyo, food is not merely sustenance but an art form, with more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city in the world. Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market is renowned for its fresh seafood, where one can sample sushi that’s a testament to Japan’s culinary prowess. Ranging from street food stalls to high-end restaurants, Tokyo’s culinary landscape is a journey in itself.


Tokyo is not just about embracing modern advancements, it’s also about refining everyday experiences. The humble toilet is a prime example of this, having been reinvented into a smart, high-tech experience. The majority of Japanese homes now have advanced toilets that offer seat warming, precision rinsing, a built-in blow dryer, and even soothing music for added relaxation. It’s a prime example of how Tokyo consistently reshapes the common into the extraordinary.

2) The Past: Kyoto

Just a short trip away from the busy city of Tokyo, you’ll find the peaceful city of Kyoto. It’s a place where you can see and feel Japan’s history and culture.

The bamboo path in Arashiyama is a treat to visit. A narrow path with towering bamboo stalks on both sides, forming a dense canopy. Walking through it while appreciating nature is sure to be an unforgettable experience. One of the best things about it is it’s open 24/7, and you can visit it free of cost.

If you have an important prayer to make, you should pay a visit to Fushimi Inari Shrine. This shrine is known for its thousands of vibrant red torii gates stretching along the pathway, creating a mesmerizing tunnel-like effect.

It is believed that Inari is a deity that gives prosperity, safety, and grants wishes. This is why each gate has been donated by individuals, families, and businesses, inscribed with the name of the donor, and represents a wish or prayer.

In Kyoto’s Gion district, you can see geishas. Geishas are professional entertainers who wear special clothes and makeup. It’s THE place to learn about this traditional Japanese culture.

And don’t miss out on these itinerary must do’s either. You can visit Nijo Castle to learn about Japan’s history. If you want some quiet time, visit Ryoan-ji’s Zen gardens. If you’re hungry, check out the food at Nishiki Market. For a nice walk, go to the Higashiyama District or the Philosopher’s Walk, especially when the cherry trees are blooming.

3) Great Food: Osaka

Osaka, a bustling metropolis in Japan, is often referred to as “Tenka no Daikoro,” which translates to “The Nation’s Kitchen.”

You can make your way around Osaka’s unique street food stalls on a bike and experience the best fine dining, high-end restaurants, tiny izakayas, eccentric bars, and pretty much anything you can think of.

The essence of Osaka’s food culture is encapsulated in the local saying “Kuidaore,” which means “Eat until you drop!” This phrase underscores the city’s love for food and should be considered more as an encouragement to indulge than a literal instruction.

To get a holistic feel of the local cuisine, you can join a food tour through which you can try different samples of popular dishes and visit places where only locals go.


Osaka is the birthplace of several beloved dishes. A classic favorite among visitors is takoyaki, a dish made of octopus pieces encased in a crisp shell. These round morsels of delight offer a unique blend of textures and flavors that captivate the palate. Akaoni in Dotonbori, featured in the Michelin Guide, is renowned for its takoyaki.

Another iconic Osaka dish is Okonomiyaki, often described as a savory pancake and referred to as “Osaka soul food.” And for meat enthusiasts, Kushikatsu, which consists of skewered and deep-fried meat, seafood, and vegetables, is a culinary experience not to be missed.

While Osaka’s food culture takes center stage, the city is also a paradise for shoppers. The Osaka Station City offers a multitude of shops for every need and preference, while Shotengai, the covered shopping streets, presents a traditional shopping experience. For the fashion-conscious, Orange Street is a haven with its fashionable boutiques and chic bars.


4) Castles And Rock Music: Fukuoka

Fukuoka, a vibrant city in Japan, is recognized for its robust underground music scene. The city has produced notable bands such as Asian Kung-Fu Generation, straightener, THE BACK HORN, and The Mirraz.

If you are into producing or listening to new, upcoming alternative music, you can visit DIY venues like Graf and Basyou House, which provide spaces for up-and-coming rock acts to showcase their music and connect with like-minded individuals.

While the contemporary music scene is buzzing, Fukuoka also has deep-rooted historical ties. One of the must-see sites is Fukuoka Castle, also known as Maizuru Castle. It’s nestled within Maizuru Park, a serene oasis in the middle of the city. As you make your way to the castle, the towering stone walls and the imposing entrance gate are the first to catch your eye. Although much of the original castle was dismantled, the remnants, including the gate, some turrets, and walls, offer a glimpse into its grand past.

Maizuru Park, surrounding the castle, is a haven of tranquility with its beautifully landscaped gardens, cherry blossom trees, and ponds. It’s a favorite spot for both locals and tourists seeking solace from the city’s hustle. Moreover, during cherry blossom season, the park transforms into a spectacle of colors. The park also plays host to various festivals and events throughout the year, offering an insight into the city’s cultural fabric.

If these cities didn’t satiate your thirst to explore Japan more, you can go to Sapparo for its best beer and find out how it’s made at the Sapporo Beer Museum, or visit the ancient capital Nara to see Todai-ji Temple with its Great Buddha statue, or the free-roaming deer in Nara Park.

If watching Sumo wrestling is on your bucket list, you can plan your trip in the summer to Sumo City, on Honshu Island. The festival has a long history and occurs during the last weekend of July. During the Soma Nomaoi festival, participants dressed as samurai engage in various traditional events, including the horseback wrestling competition.

It is an absolute delight to explore this country, known for its hospitality and gift-giving culture. Japanese believe in being cordial and respectful at all times and genuinely enjoy having tourists visit. These qualities keep visitors coming back time and time again to this truly mesmerizing country.


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