Explore the World’s Top 10 Beautiful Christmas Markets, including German Christmas Markets

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Christmas music is ...

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Christmas music is playing snow is falling and hot mulled wine is being served in boot-shaped mugs that's right folks it's Christmas Market time Christmas markets capture the spirit of the Season perfectly with snowy storefronts lined with twinkling lights and the smell of roasting chestnuts in the air from Sweden to Germany to New York and Hong Kong here is a countdown of the top 10 Christmas markets around the world make sure you stay until the end to find out where the true capital of Christmas is and this time it's not the North Pole number 10. The Distillery winter village number 10 on our list is The Distillery winter village in Toronto Canada this Christmas Market is in the beautiful and picturesque Distillery District dotted with lovely 19th century buildings rustic cobblestones and stunning Christmas decor there's so much to see and experience here from the incredible food and drinks to the shops and activities you'll find yourself immersed in the festivity of the season this year's breathtaking 51 foot Christmas tree is decorated in partnership with Christian Dior which includes 70 000 lights and thousands of custom designer ornaments wander through the cobblestone streets lit with canopy lights and listen to carolers spreading Yuletide cheer make sure to keep an eye out for Santa and his elves you never know when they might make an appearance number 9. Hong Kong Christmas Market number nine is a unique take on the traditional Christmas Market this Christmas Market is hosted at the island Shangri-La Hotel an elegant and luxurious five-star hotel in the heart of Hong Kong the island Shangri-la is breathtaking any time of the year but in December the entire Hotel transforms into an enchanted Wonderland this high-end Hotel turns its Lobby restaurants and bars into a Christmas-themed Marketplace you will find lavish holiday treats chocolates and Christmas decorations for sale the hotel restaurants offer guests a high-end Taste of Christmas with chefs serving up holiday themed menus and Cocktails these range from standard holiday food like turkey and ham to Exquisite fine dining from michelin-starred restaurants to sweeten the deal the Shangri-La Hotel offers various Christmas themed packages when booking a stay in December which include options for one-on-one visits with Santa in-room Christmas dinner and personalized decorations in your hotel room this is certainly a luxurious Christmas Market and one of the best in Asia if you're impressed so far make sure to like this video And subscribe to our Channel stay for the whole video so you can see our number one choice it offers The Ultimate Christmas experience number eight winter village Bryant Park New York City the twinkling lights and jolly atmosphere at winter village in Bryant Park of New York City will be a memory you'll always cherish this Manhattan Winter Wonderland is one of the most exciting Christmas markets in the US winter Village's most popular attraction is its iconic 17 000 square foot ice skating rink where you and your loved ones can twirl around Under The Lights listening to Classic holiday songs the giant Christmas tree that lights up the scene is simply magnificent and the park offers a dazzling fireworks show against the backdrop of the New York skyline Shoppers will find Jewel box kiosks featuring Artisan goods from around the world among these are holiday themed food and drink vendors serving up chocolates baked goods Christmas cookies and of course hot spiced wine if you're looking to get away from the crowds you can rent a private igloo and enjoy festive food and drinks in your own cozy Dome the best part about winter village is that it's open for several months before and after Christmas whether you want to get started early on Christmas or decide to prolong the festivities Bryant Park will have something special for you number seven Helsinki Christmas Market our seventh choice is the Helsinki Christmas Market in Finland the Helsinki Christmas Market in Senate square is the oldest outdoor Market in Helsinki and by far the most popular you'll find an antique Dutch Carousel for the kids and 100 vendors selling unique finished gifts you can also enjoy an authentic finish delicacy reindeer meat while you may be turned off by this it's a real finished dining experience and supposedly delicious maybe you could just tell your kids it's hot dog every year on December 13th you can take part in a traditional Finnish event called the Saint Lucia procession with only a few hours of sunlight per day Finland spreads cheer Through The Long Dark winter with this event Saint Lucia herself wears a crown of tall white candles and leads a candlelit parade throughout the Town Square the Helsinki Christmas Market is at the center of the Christmas experience in Finland and visitors are never disappointed number 6. stotoyet Christmas Market next we'll visit the famous thought or yet Christmas Market in Stockholm Sweden situated among the iconic buildings of the old town this is Sweden's oldest Christmas Market dating back to the 1800s though somewhat smaller than other Christmas markets in Sweden it is often voted one of the best in Europe here you can enjoy glog Sweden's own version of hot mulled wine blog is a slightly sweeter variation with almonds and raisins always placed in the bottom of the cup before pouring the store toyot Market is known for its cuisine featured in the red stalls that line the market get ready to be adventurous as you'll find Delicacies like reindeer meat eel and elk meat here we go again with the reindeer meat I guess it's a Nordic thing handicrafts are popular in Sweden and Shoppers will find no shortage of homemade gifts such as hand knitted sweaters and jewelry as well as Iron Works and Ceramics hello Christmas shopping these are the kind of gifts you will not find anywhere else number 5. Dresden strasel Market Christmas Market number five on our list is the stresselmarket Christmas Market in Dresden this is the oldest Christmas Market in Germany and perhaps in the whole world it dates back to the early 1400s and is the start of a now time honored Christmas tradition here you'll find beautiful ornaments festive decorations and distinctive German charm many local craftspeople make their way to Dresden during this period to sell their Wares in one of the Market's 250 stalls these vendors feature everything from traditional candle pyramids and wooden ornaments to nutcrackers and hand-built cooker clocks visitors at this Market can also enjoy a popular snack called stolen Stalin is a signature fruitcake that was originally called streusel giving this Market its name gluvin is Germany's version of mulled wine and can be found everywhere and of course no German event is complete without bratwurst pretzels and steaming Raclette cheese on a slice of French bread okay is anybody getting hungry here now how good of a singer are you well at our next Market it doesn't matter if you sound like Mariah Carey or a quacking duck everyone gets to join in but before we go there make sure you like this video And subscribe so you can see more videos like this number 4. Prague Christmas markets all right moving on to number four I present the Prague Christmas markets yes technically there are two different markets but because they are only a five minute walk from each other we've combined them into one spot on our list Prague exhibits the perfect mix of modern and traditional culture which translates into an epic Christmas Market that you will never forget located in Old Town Square and wencesla square the Prague Christmas markets are nothing short of a Christmas fairy tale in the weeks leading up to Christmas the Stalls sell some of the best mulled wine pastries hot Mead and succulent ham you'll find anywhere and when it comes to pre-Christmas festivities Old Town Square has always been the epicenter an enormous Christmas tree adorned with twinkling lights serves as the focal point of the market you can't help but embrace the Christmas spirit as you walk around with a mug of mulled wine browse the kiosks and listen to the carolers sometimes after enough wine everyone at the market succumbs to the spirit of Christmas and joins in song The Experience is like something straight out of a movie number three Basel Christmas Market all right we're in the top three now number three on our list is the Basel Christmas Market in Switzerland which was voted the best Christmas Market in Europe in 2021. Christmas lovers Rejoice for you have found the epicenter of Yuletide Joy Basel is known as the country's largest Christmas City lining the streets are tall Majestic pine trees that are brightly lit to guide your way this famous Christmas Market is found right at the center of the city in front of the beautiful and historic munsterplatz Cathedral get yourself a hot mug of mulled wine while you leisurely stroll the streets if you're shopping for that perfect gift you can partake in working with locals in Candle dipping and make your own personalized candles you'll also find incredible woodworking glass blowers handmade Pottery knit sweaters scarves and gloves all certain to help you remember this Christmas experience forever one of the best things about this Market is that it sits right near the border of Germany and France making it an easy stop when traveling between countries number two Tivoli Christmas Market if you're looking for a picture-perfect Christmas experience in Copenhagen then you'll love number two on our list the Tivoli Christmas Market hosted in the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen Denmark this Christmas Market celebrates the season in perfect Nordic style Tivoli Gardens is open year round and offers a variety of amusement park rides such as a carousel a ferris wheel and a 206 foot plunging vertical drop called the Golden Tower just don't load up on too many cookies before going on that in December Tivoli Gardens is transformed into a Christmas Wonderland with twinkling trees illuminations and fireworks displays adding to the holiday Ambience you'll hear the Angelic voices of the Tivoli youth guard a choir composed of 100 children singing at their candlelit concerts families with children will enjoy visiting Santa's house riding on the elf train and watching the family-friendly performances in the glass Hall theater visitors will Delight in the Danish food and drinks available including hot cocoa mulled wine and traditional Danish treats like Christmas cakes and gingerbread hearts the market sits next to a large Alpine Village where you can go skiing and sledding making this a perfect winter vacation spot number one Strasbourg Christmas Market the capital of Christmas all right we've made it to our highly coveted number one spot taking the top spot on our list is the market of the Christ child held in Strasbourg France this is the biggest and most famous Christmas Market in all of Europe and dates back to 1570. the market draws over 2 million visitors each year and consists of several mini markets scattered throughout the city's many squares from mulled wine beer pastries and cakes to shopping for the perfect gifts strolling through the streets of Strasbourg Market will make you feel like you're in a Hallmark movie you can feel the festive Spirit everywhere you go from the romantic restaurants to the beautifully decorated streets the whole city of Strasbourg becomes a real-life Christmas fairy tale you will find hand-crafted Christmas ornaments top-notch French cuisine a 100 foot tall Christmas tree street performers and of course the famous hot malt wine the sights sounds and smells of Strasbourg in December can only be truly appreciated in person if you plan to visit this real life Wonderland you'll need to make plans early since hotels typically book up a year in advance and that's it for the top 10 Christmas markets around the world what is your favorite Christmas Market drink hot chocolate or mulled wine tell us in the comments and don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more videos like this

The festive season is incomplete without a visit to a Christmas market! From sparkling lights to the aroma of mulled wine and freshly baked gingerbread, Christmas markets offer a holiday experience like no other.

In this blog, we bring to you the world’s top 10 Christmas markets, each offering unique treats, handmade crafts and a lively festive atmosphere that’s sure to make your holidays even more special.

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1. Helsinki Christmas Market

Finland‘s Helsinki Christmas Market, nestled in the heart of Senate Square, is the oldest outdoor market in Helsinki and a much-cherished Yuletide destination. Famous for its unique culinary offerings, the market gives visitors a chance to sample a Finnish delicacy: reindeer meat.

Tasting a little like venison, this rich and hearty dish brings a distinct local flavor to your holiday experience. If reindeer doesn’t tickle your palate, there are plenty of other traditional Finnish foods to explore.

One of the highlights of the Helsinki Christmas Market is the captivating Saint Lucia parade, where Lucia, crowned with white candles, leads a mesmerizing procession through the Square. This Scandinavian tradition beautifully captures the festive spirit of Finland.

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2. The Distillery Winter Village

Toronto‘s Distillery Winter Village in Canada is a magical Christmas hotspot that captivates visitors with its vintage charm. As you wander through this festive village, the historic allure of 19th-century architecture and rustic cobblestones creates a beautifully unique holiday atmosphere.

But the true marvel of the Winter Village is its massive, 51-foot Christmas tree that dominates the scenery. Decorated with 70,000 glimmering lights and adorned with meticulously designed ornaments, some fashioned by the likes of the legendary Christian Dior, this tree is a spectacle you won’t soon forget. Amidst the historic surroundings and the sparkling beauty of the tree, the magic of Christmas is palpable in the Distillery Winter Village.


3. Bryant Park’s Winter Village

For the ultimate Christmas experience, you’ll have to head to Bryant Park‘s Winter Village in the heart of New York City. At Winter Village, you’ll be greeted by a mesmerizing display of twinkling lights and a joyful atmosphere. In this Manhattan Winter Wonderland, you will be surrounded by the vibrant energy of the city during the holiday season.

The highlight of Winter Village is its iconic 17,000-square-foot ice-skating rink. With a chance of gliding under the glistening lights, and twirling to classic holiday songs with your loved ones—it’s an experience straight out of a movie.


The scene is further enhanced by a magnificent giant Christmas tree that illuminates the park. It’s a sight that will leave you in awe, especially when paired with a dazzling fireworks show against the backdrop of the iconic New York skyline.


4. Hong Kong Christmas Market

Immerse yourself in a unique fusion of luxury and festive cheer at the Island Shangri-La Hotel’s Christmas Market in Hong Kong. This hotel sets the bar high when it comes to festive celebrations, seamlessly blending grandeur, holiday festivities and impeccable service.

Here, you can indulge in holiday-themed culinary experiences created by talented chefs in the hotel’s renowned restaurants. From comforting traditional favorites such as turkey and ham to an exquisite fine dining experience crafted by Michelin-starred chefs, the gastronomic offerings are guaranteed to surpass your expectations. When December rolls in, the hotel undergoes a mesmerizing transformation, converting every nook and corner into a magical Christmas-themed marketplace.

Lavish holiday treats, delectable chocolates, and a plethora of exquisite Christmas decorations will be at your fingertips for purchase. With its unparalleled opulence, the Island Shangri-La Hotel’s Christmas Market indeed takes the holiday indulgence to unprecedented heights.

5. Christmas Market in Stockholm

The Stockholm Christmas Market in Sweden is a festive hub nestled amidst the city’s historic buildings.

No place honors craftsmanship the way they do in Sweden. Tons of intricate and endearing homemade gifts are available at this market. If you’re looking to find a traditional hand-knitted sweater and exquisite jewelry this is the place to go.

The Stockholm Christmas Market is a treasure trove of unique experiences that give other markets a run for their money. You can immerse yourself in the festive ambiance, savor the flavors of Nordic cuisine and explore the array of handmade crafts that make this market truly exceptional.

6. Striezelmarkt Christmas Market

In Dresden, Germany, you’ll find the historic Striezelmarkt Christmas Market, reputed to be one of the oldest Christmas markets in the world. The market showcases the region’s rich Christmas traditions with its selection of festive ornaments, decorations and the distinctive charm that Germany is famous for during the holiday season.

As you wander among the 250 stalls, you’ll discover local craftspeople proudly showcasing their creations. The market also offers a culinary journey through German Christmas traditions.

Glühwein, a warm, spiced mulled wine, is a staple here, inviting visitors to indulge in its soothing warmth. Meanwhile, traditional foods such as bratwurst, pretzels, and melted Raclette cheese on French bread offer a delectable exploration of German cuisine. The Striezelmarkt is a visual and gastronomic delight, providing a true taste of a German Christmas.

7. The Prague Christmas Markets

In the charming city of Prague, two Christmas markets light up the holiday season, offering a combined experience that’s truly special. Situated just a five-minute walk from each other, these markets offer an enticing blend of traditional and contemporary Czech culture.

As you enter the markets, an enormous Christmas tree serves as the focal point, adorned with hundreds of twinkling lights and ornaments, creating an aura of festive magic. A stroll through the markets unveils an array of stalls selling traditional Czech handicrafts, ornaments and delicious local foods. One of the delights of Prague Christmas Markets is the aroma and taste of mulled wine, known locally as “svařené víno.” Visitors often find themselves spontaneously singing carols, enhancing the communal spirit of Christmas.

While you’re there you MUST tour the Prague Castle!

8. Basel Christmas Market

Switzerland‘s Basel Christmas Market, voted the best in Europe in 2021, is a Yuletide destination par excellence. The city, fondly known as the largest Christmas City in the country, casts a spell with its mesmerizing festive ambiance.

Guided by the soft glow of lights from towering pine trees, your journey leads to the market located in the heart of the city, in front of the stunning Münsterplatz Cathedral. In addition to exploring the wide array of stalls, the market offers hands-on experiences like candle dipping, allowing you to engage in a time-honored tradition.

The market is a showcase of remarkable craftsmanship, featuring woodworking masterpieces, elegant creations from glass blowers, handmade pottery and a selection of cozy knitwear.

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9. Tivoli Christmas Market

In Copenhagen, lies the Tivoli Christmas Market, hosted in the magnificent Tivoli Gardens in Denmark. This Christmas market captures the essence of the season in impeccable Nordic style.

The Tivoli Gardens, open year-round, offer a delightful array of amusement park rides. But in December, Tivoli Gardens undergo a remarkable transformation into a mesmerizing Christmas wonderland.

Families with children will find endless joy at the Tivoli Christmas Market. Visit Santa’s house, hop on the elf train and immerse yourself in the captivating family-friendly performances at the Glass Hall theater. It’s an experience that will make the hearts of both young and old alike brim with joy and wonder.

10. Strasbourg Christmas Market

Hailed as the Capital of Christmas, Strasbourg, France hosts the renowned Strasbourg Christmas Market, also known as the Market of the Christ Child. Each year, over two million visitors, locals and tourists alike, gather in Strasbourg to participate in the Christmas festivities that this market has to offer.

Dating back to 1570, it holds the title of being the largest and most famous Christmas market in all of Europe. You can indulge in the enticing aromas of mulled wine, beer, pastries, and cakes, while you embark on a delightful shopping spree, searching for the perfect gifts.

As you stroll through the streets of Strasbourg, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a real-life Hallmark movie. The entire city of Strasbourg transforms into a captivating Christmas fairy tale.

And with that, we conclude our list of the top 10 Christmas markets around the world. Which are you most looking forward to visiting?!

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