Our 10 Favorite Family Travel Bloggers and Why We Think They’re the Best

Our 10 Favorite Family Travel Bloggers and Why We Think They’re the Best

In the era of Instagram-worthy vacations and Pinterest-perfect family moments, the realm of family travel blogging has emerged as a rather captivating spectacle. New bloggers are sprouting up a lot faster than shrooms in a thick forest. Each with a unique approach to an art that is changing the way families travel.

But in the build-up to becoming a beacon, you must take inspiration from someone who has walked the path. As family travel bloggers ourselves, we have often picked a leaf or two from trailblazers to bring you the best destinations, handy tips, and exceptional products to better your experience. So, we have compiled a list of our 10 favorite family travel bloggers, citing reasons why they are the best in the category.

Make sure to go all the way through to our surprise #1 the Jet Setting Family.

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10. Itza Family Thing

Who says two moms can’t pull off travel? Cee and Mea have been scorching the earth with their 4-year-old since he was eight weeks old. What started as a gap year has turned into a full-fledged travel extravaganza that keeps us hooked with every read.

The inspiration for their blog is that you can travel and make cherished memories, even after becoming parents. They wanted to offer much-needed diversity to a category that bustled with quite similar ideas.

Bringing a breath of fresh air to the category, the family has been an inspiration to our idea setting, thanks to their distinct personalities. They write up about anything (family travel of course) such as traveling with a toddler, navigating complex destinations as black LGBT, and making cherished family memories.

9. Our Overseas Adventures

This Canadian family leaves no stone unturned. Kylie and Mike have traveled across more than 50 countries and their little ones, Sophie and Jack, have been to more than 35 countries. This family revels in adventures to hidden gems.

Having been to little heavens such as Togo, Guyanas, Benin, and Vietnam, the daring family is always on the lookout for the next explosive destination that not many entirely know about. Their blog is handy for families looking for practical advice, budget planning, and practical tips on how to make the most of their time in these destinations.

Kylie, Mike, Sophie, and Jack are trendsetters for novice traveling families. Their blog has been an endearing inspiration for many families looking to create lasting memories in some of the most remote parts of the planet.

8. The Traveling Child

If you are a new parent wondering how to strike a balance between how to look after your baby and cater to your robust wanderlust, The Traveling Child is a wonderful blog to guide you through the early days of parenthood. The Hambricks (Monet, James, Kennedy, and Jordyn) have done some extensive traveling in the past few years.

Monet is the main cast, doing the planning, photographing, and writing. Her extensive expertise is depicted in the write-ups. The supporting cast (James, Kennedy, and Jordyn) is equally invaluable to the blog, each with a distinct role. James simply goes with the flow, Kennedy keeps everyone in check, and Jordyn is the adventure junkie of the lot.

The blog shares insight on how to make the most of flight deals, offering itineraries to make planning much easier, especially for new families looking to create cherished memories.

7. Travel Babbo

Travel has a lure so strong that many do whatever it takes to enjoy the unique experience. Eric Stoen used to work in healthcare until 2014 when he quit his job to pursue his wanderlust. Before this life-changing decision, he used to post pictures about his family trips on Facebook, trying to inspire his circle to travel more with their kids.

When he quit his job, he made it his life’s ambition to inspire families to travel more and curate the best experiences on the road. Eric is based in California and he is always searching for the best and most unique places for family travelers.

Eric lets his kids pick the destinations and they set off for a one-on-one trip, regardless of how crazy some ideas might turn out to be. He has been to about 101 countries and his expertise on travel is depicted in his blogs.

6. Travelynn Family

If there is anything to learn from the recent pandemic, it’s that waiting for your kids to hit the perfect age is a wrong perception. This mantra resonates strongly with Jenny, Jay, Arthur, and Ezra. The UK family of four has pushed boundaries in the category raising the bar for what once seemed impossible.

They have lived in India for a year, trekked the Himalayas, backpacked in Southeast Asia, and scoured Africa in a Land Rover. What makes this family so unique is that they still have curated a normal life for Arthur and Ezra, giving them a chance to homeschool, create friendships, and join clubs during school days.

The family makes great use of 14 weeks of school holidays to travel and create exceptional blogs for their readers. Jenny and Jay work remotely which makes traveling much easier for the family. When they aren’t off to a hidden gem in Asia, they settle for a simple hike in Peak District National Park which is much closer to their home.

5. Ciao Bambino!

For most families, planning a getaway can be daunting. Yes, planning a trip that involves kids is frustrating, but have you ever thought of bringing grandpa or grandma along? Ciao Bambino! works with families to help plan for vacations catering to diverse ages to save time and money.

They help set up an itinerary that caters to all members of the family, ensuring everyone has the best experience. All you have to do is fill out a contact form and their family travel advisors will get on a call with you inquiring what sort of experience you would like to have as a family.

Ciao Bambino! is a unique offering in the category and their experience is quite vocal in their blogs. Their diverse team of experienced writers and advisors makes them one of our favorite family travel bloggers.

4. Travel With A Plan

If you have tweens and teens then you have an idea of how hard it is to plan a family trip with these age groups in tow. Travel With A Plan is a blueprint for achieving this reality without hassle. Jen is the main cast, curating family itineraries and “best things to do” lists to help take the stress out of planning a family vacation. Travel With A Plan has inspired many families to live in the moment rather than wait for kids to reach a certain age.

When not working and studying, Jen and the family set off to beaches, theme parks, and big US national parks to enjoy the holidays and create itineraries for families that want to experience stress-free travel.

Travel With A Plan blogs show that it is possible to travel with kids of all ages and with not so much in the bank to create lifelong memories for the entire family.

3. 5 Lost Together

Many put off traveling for the time when they retire from their 9-5 jobs. This Canadian family of 5 has a different perspective on traveling as a family. They believe there is no one right way to travel as a family with kids. Dawn, a mom of 3 and the main cast of 5 Lost Together, has been to over 50 countries and firmly believes that traveling as a family is the best way to bond.

As a family, they have gone trekking in Nepal, encountered Komodo dragons in Indonesia, and scoured the Australian Outback, among other heart-throbbing experiences. They document their adventures to show other wanderlust parents that it is possible to have fun on a vacation with the kids in tow.

5 Lost Together cast believes that traveling with kids is a positive for the entire family. They also know that many families want to travel more but are limited by finances and time. With that in mind, they have a list of case studies to help inspire a shift in mindset to achieve your travel dreams.

2. Have Wheelchair, Will Travel

Planning a family trip is hard enough, planning for a trip when one of your entourages is disabled often throws a wrench in so many travel plans. But this Sydney-based family of four offers a fresh perspective on travel accessibility, ensuring that everyone enjoys their vacation regardless of where the wanderlust takes you.

Julie, a mom traveling with Braeden (her 27-year-old son with cerebral palsy, who uses a wheelchair, and needs round-the-clock assistance with his needs), shows fellow parents that it is possible to travel and bond with special kids.

The blog also offers insight into traveling with older children. Amelia is 20 years old and tags along with her parents and Braeden for these family escapades. The family has traveled to physically challenging places such as South Pacific, Uluru, Darwin, Te Anau, Cairns, and Kakadu.

1. The Jet Setting Family Blog

Rod and Jess, the dynamic duo behind Jet Setting Family Blog, maintain a refreshing level of transparency whether their travel endeavors soar or hit a few turbulence patches. Rod knows a thing or two about turbulence, having worked as an Aerospace Engineer. Jess has an interest in learning new cultures and her love for dancing is unmatched.

Embracing a lifestyle where the conventional neighborhood routine takes a backseat to their jet-setting dreams, this family consistently prioritizes experiences over possessions, turning each day into a unique adventure.

From candidly dissecting vacation mishaps with a blow-by-blow account to exploring the intricacies of seven distinct traveler personalities, the Jet Setting Family seamlessly combines amusement with practical tips, sharing a wealth of stories from their escapades.

Their travel coverage spans the globe, reaching almost every continent, from the cultural wonders of Europe to the vibrant landscapes of Southeast Asia. Yet, they don’t neglect the beauty and diversity of destinations within the US, ensuring a well-rounded exploration of their jet-setting experiences.

Despite the whirlwind of chaos that accompanies family travel, there’s magic in the mayhem. These family travel bloggers inspire families to take the leap, capturing the essence of parenthood against the backdrop of breathtaking destinations.

From conquering hiking trails with a toddler on their shoulders to discovering the world’s tiniest ice cream shop in the most obscure corners of the globe, these bloggers prove that adventure knows no age limit.

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